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CCS 900 Ultro
Conference System
CCS 1000D Conference System

The CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System is compact, easy-to-set-up, and easy-to-use. Yet it provides advanced features and exceptional versatility. Designed especially for quick, plug-and-play installation, it is ideal for small-to-medium-scale fixed meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms as well as for rental companies who can use it for their day-to-day mobile set-ups.
Bosch CCSD-DL   
Bosch CCSD-DS   
CCS 1000D Control Unit

The Control Unit is the main component of the CCS 1000 Digital Discussion System. It supplies DC power to all connected Discussion Devices and monitors and controls the discussion system
Bosch CCSD-CU   
Bosch CCSD-CURD   
CCS 900 Ultro Conference System

>> Introduction to CCS 900

The CCS 900 Ultro makes an excellent base installation for small to medium business and conference centres. With a variety of integration possibilities, including tele conferencing, language distribution and public address system the CCS 900 Ultro offers true flexibility. The CCS 900 Ultro lets the chairman manage and record the proceedings. The chairman unit has a priority button and it has an attention tone to mute delegate microphones. Additional microphones and other equipment can be added as well
Chairman CCS-CML   
Chairman CCS-CMS   
Delegate CCS-DL   
Delegate CCS-DS   
Central Power Supply Unit & Accessories
Central Power Supply Unit  CCS-CU   
Central Power Supply Unit with Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression  CU-CUD   
Central Power Supply Unit with Recorder & Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression  CCS-CURD   
Extension & Installation Cable  LBB 3316/05 and LBB 3316/10   
Transport and Storage Suitcase  CCS SC10   
Transport and Storage Suitcase  CCS SC6   
Bosch Digital Congress Network (DCN) Series

>> Introduction to DCN Series

This discussion system provide digital convenience in meeting setup. It brings effective management of meetings into the digital age. It is optimised for small-to-medium sized gatherings, such as those in town halls, hotels, business centers, local government offices or break out rooms in major conference venues.

DCN Wireless Discussion Units
DCN‑WD‑D  Chairman/Delegate Unit   
DCN‑WDD‑D  Dual Discussion Unit   
DCN‑WDCS‑D  with Channel Selector   
DCN‑WDDCS‑D  with Dual Channel Selector   
DCN‑WDV‑D  with Voting   
DCN‑WDVCS‑D  with Voting and Channel Selector   
DCN Accessories
Battery Pack for Wireless Discussion Units   
DCN-DBCM Buttons   
DCN‑WPS Power Supply for Wireless Discussion Units   
DCN Concentus

The DCN Concentus from Bosch is the distinctive new face of digital congress management. It provides digital management facilities for all sizes of gatherings, from small discussion groups right up to international multi-lingual congresses with thousands of delegates.
Pluggable microphone short/long stem  Concentus-DCN-MICS/L   
Concentus Unit  DCN-CON   
Concentus Chairman Unit  DCN-CONCM   
Concentus Unit with Channel Selector  DCN-CONCS   
Concentus Unit Full Function  DCN-CONFF   
Flight Case for Concentus Units  DCN-FCCON   
Intercom Handset and Cradle  LBB 3555/00   
DCN Flush Mounted

Bosch broad range of DCN flush-mounted equipment is used for creating individual system contribution units for customised solutions. Flush-mounted equipment is ideal for use in permanent installations where portability is not required. It can be installed into either tabletops or seat arm rests.
DCN-DDI Dual Delegate Interface   
DCN-FCOUP Set of 50 couplings   
DCN-FCS Channel Selector unit for 32 channels   
DCN-FEC set of 50 end caps   
DCN-FHH Hand-Held Microphone   
DCN-FLSP Loudspeaker Panel   
DCN-FMIC Microphone Connection Panel   
DCN-FPRIOB Priority Panel   
DCN-FPT Flush Positioning Tool   
DCN-FV Voting Panel   
DCN-FVCRD Voting + Card Panel   
DCN-FVU Voting Unit   
DCN-TTH set of 10 Table Top Housing   
DCN Central Control Equipment

The DCN central conference control equipment is based around the Central Control Unit (CCU). This compact unit is at the heart of any DCN system, and can control up to 240 contribution units such as delegate- and chairman units, interpreter desks and audio and multipurpose interface units. The CCU can function with or without a central operator using a PC.

>> Introduction to Central Control Equipment
Extension Power Supply   
Digital Audio Expander   
Basic Central Control Unit   
Central Control Unit   
Cobranet Interface   
Audio Expander   
DCN Cable & Accessories
Extention Cable   
Installation Cable   
LBB 4114/00 Trunk - Cable Splitter   
LBB 4115/00 Tap - Off Unit   
LBB 4117/00 Set of 25 cable locking clamps   
LBB 4118/00 Termination plug for cable   
LBB 4119/00 Set DCN Connectors   
Application Software

Bosch offers a comprehensive range of software modules for use with DCN Next Generation systems. These modules run on a system-connected PC in Microsoft Windows, and integrate conference preparation, management and control into this versatile graphical computer environment. Any combination of modules can be activated according to specific system requirements. This software is generally used in larger-scale systems where operator control is required.

  View/Download Manual DCN Next Generation Application Software