Chiayo Portable Sound System Malaysia - portable sound amplifier, speakers, PA System with advance technolgy

Chiayo Portable PA Systems
Chiayo portable PA systems range from 25Watts to 200Watts. They are ideal for public speaking, conferences, sporting events, dance classes, house of worship and any other event that requires a simple to use, all in one PA System providing portability.

Chiayo portable PA systems have inbuilt rechargeable batteries, cordless mic, digital multimedia player recorder (USB/MP3/SD card).  The key to buying a new portable PA is ensuring it has enough sound output to cover the audience size in a venue. It must also have the right features for the intended use.

With more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of portable PA system, Chiayo now delivers the most versatile battery dual power AD/DC, cordless operated compact portable PA system. For both indoor and outdoor applications. All models are with the latest digital technology and class “D” AMP built-in.

Range Portable PA Systems
Stage Pro  200W Max. Power output 
Smart 300  40W Max. Power Output 
Focus 505  50W Max. Power Output 
Coach 500  55W Max. Power Output 
Stage Man  150W Max. Power Output 

Cordless Microphone System

Wallmount Infrared Amplifier
20Watts RMS 
45Watts RMS 
Model SDR-5100 IrDA 
Chiayo Portable PA Accessories
Microphone carrying case  Model CC-11 
Gooseneck cordless microphone  Model GMW-216/ GM-200 
Cordless Battery Belt-pack  Unit Model SM6100 IrDA 
Cordless Battery Belt-pack  Unit Model SM-5016 
Tripod Stand For Coach  Model ST-30 
Model ST-40  Tripod stand for Focus 505 
Tripod Stand For StagePro  Model ST-50 
Carrying Case for FOCUS  505 Model SB-21 
Carrying Case with trolley  for Stagepro Model TB-81A 
Carrying Bag for Stagepro  Model SB-81 
Carrying bag for Coach  Model SB-41 
Carrying bag for Smart300  Model SB-12 
Handheld Cordless Microphone  Model SQ-6100 IrDA 
Handheld Cordless Microphone  Model SQ-5016 
Rechargeable Battery  For Focus505/Smart300 
Rechargeable Battery  For StageMan & StagePro 
Transmitter Cordless  Repeater Model RP-5016 
Digital Recorder Player  With Bluetooth DRPB-500M 
Digital Recorder Player  Model DPR500M 
Cordless Receiver Diversity  Model SDR-5216M 
Headset Microphone Model  MC-76X Omni-directional 
Headset Microphone Model  MC-77 (Uni-Directional) 
Headset Microphone Omni-directional  Model MC-76B (skintone) 

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