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Audience Response System
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   Audience ResponseCard LT

Audience ResponseCard LT is the latest cost-effective clicker in compact case design. LT utilizes the same, reliable radio frequency technology as standard clickers, but has been reengineered to incorporate cost reductions at the same time ensure that reliability of response transmission.

ResponseCard LT is Optimized for any size presentation environment,
Audience ResponseCard LT operates on patented two-way RF technology. An LED light on the clicker indicates that responses have been received. Audience ResponseCard LT features a simple, five button input to facilitate easy participant responding. Its compact size makes LT easy to transport and equip in any environment.

Size & Weight
  • Height: 2.9 inches (74 mm)
  • Width: 1.8 inches (45 mm)
  • Depth: 0.28 inches (7 mm)
  • Weight: 0.7 ounce (19.8 grams)*
Range 200' radius (400' coverage)
Input Capability
  • 6 keys (1/A - 5/E, Ch)
  • Programmable with ResponseCard Programmer
Battery & Power 1 coin cell CR2032
User Identification Select a channel in less than five seconds, indicating session choice
Select a channel anytime - even when a session is underway
Channel selection is preserved until changed by participant
Display LED Light. Participants receive answer confirmation on ResponseCard through two-way communication. Successful transmissions are acknowledged on the participant’s keypad via three second green light signal.
RF Technology
  • 25 channels
  • Fully FCC, CE and Industry Canada certified
  • Will not interfere with other technologies
  • Not limited to line-of-sight transmission
  • Ability to prohibit audience from channel changing
Receiver Compatibility
  • RF+ Receiver (RRRF-03)
  • RF Receiver (RRRF-04)
Software Supplied Turning Point software allow multiple responses with priority ranking and voting weight.

ResponseCard LT


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