CCS 900 - Ultro System


The CCS 900 Ultro makes an excellent base installation for small to medium business and conference centres. With a variety of integration possibilities, including tele conferencing, language distribution and public address system the CCS 900 Ultro offers true flexibility. The CCS 900 Ultro lets the chairman manage and record the proceedings. The chairman unit has a priority button and it has an attention tone to mute delegate microphones. Additional microphones and other equipment can be added as well.

CCS 900 Conference system
CCS-CML –Chairman unit Long Microphone
CCS-CMS –Chairman Unit Short Microphone
CCS-DL –Delegate Unit Long Microphone
CCS-DS –Delegate Unit Short Microphone
CCS-CU –Control and Power Supply Unit
CCS 900 accessories
LBB 3316/05 −Extension cable, 5M
LBB 3316/10 −Extension Cable, 10M
LBB 3316/00 –Installation cable, 100M (supplied w/ 5 sets connectors)
CCS-SC6 −Transport case for CCS-CU and 6x CCS-DS
CCS SC10 −Transport and Storage Suitcase
DCN-DISCLM −Cable clamp
LBB4117/00 −Cable locking clamp
LBB3311/00 −Rack mounting set (for CCS-CU)
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