Dicentis Wired System

DICENTIS incorporates several standardized technologies that have been combined to create an open platform. Complete system solutions can be created by simply integrating compatible products. This makes DICENTIS extremely scalable, enabling it to evolve with the growing needs of meeting and conference facilities. At its heart, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of the unique IP based OMNEO media networking architecture, developed by Bosch. Learn more>>

Discussion Device
DCNM-D −Dicentis Discussion Device
DCNM-DVT −Dicentis Discussion device with voting
DCNM-DSL −Dicentis Discussion device with language selector
DCNM-DE −Dicentis Discussion device with touchscreen
DCNM-APS2 −Dicentis Audio Processor & Powering Switch
DCNM-PS2 −Dicentis Audio powering switch
DCNM-HDMIC −Dicentis Multimedia High Directive Microphone
DCNM-MICL −Dicentis Multimedia Stem Microphone Long
DCNM-MICS −Dicentis Multimedia Stem Microphone Short
DCNM-TCD Transport case
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