Professional PTZ Camera


PTZ Video Conferencing Camera 

As a leader in the A/V market, Lumens strives to provide business with a high-quality video conferencing solution by reducing travel costs, saving time, and improving employee productivity. Stay connected with colleagues from any location.

Lumens PTZ Cameras offer video conference solutions that are sure to bring life and excitement for your online next video collaboration meetings.

Lumens recognizes that the way we conduct business is changing, that’s why their video conferencing systems are compatible with a variety of devices, from laptops to Interactive Display.

Lumens Professional PTZ Camera

Auto function camera feature including preset, pan, tilt, zoom on Zoom interface. 

VC-B30U Full HD USB PTZ Camera
VC-TR1 Full HD Auto-Tracking Camera
VC-A61P 4K 30fps PTZ IP Camera
VC-A51P Full HD PTZ Camera
VC-A71P 4K 60fps IP PTZ Camera
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