Evoko - Meeting Room Management System


Evoko Clever Meeting Room Management Solution.

Evoko has a flexible, fully integrated solutions which allows you to completely coordinate all your meeting rooms and bring it into a new level of simplicity in managing meeting rooms facility.

The cloud suite makes room booking less hassle, provides easy and efficient desk booking and an AI-powered visitor management system for a great first impression.

Simply chose the functionality needed for your organization and easily scale up or down as needs change. As a hosted solution setup, management is easier now. 


Examples of applications for Evoko Meeting Room Manager.

Evoko naso 8" at meeting room
Evoko Pusco ideal at lobby area as information display of all meeting rooms
Evoko liso at entrance of event rooms 

Our Product Range

Evoko naso individual meeting room display
Evoko pusco public place meeting room information display
Evoko liso individual meeting room display
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