Mixer/Power Amplifier

Mixer/ Power amplifier solutions can be used to tailor the public address system to the precise needs of small-to-mid-sized locations. Mixer/ Power amplifier offers facilities for background music, paging and playing pre-recorded commercials and additional power for applications such as hotels, offices and shopping malls. Find below our latest back ground music source products.

Mixer/ Power amplifier
PLE‑1Pxx0‑EU Plena Amplifier
PLE‑1MAxx0‑EU Plena Mixer Amplifier
PLE‑2MAxx0‑EU Plena Mixer Amplifier
PLE‑10M2‑EU Plena Mixer
LBB 1938/20 Plena Power Amplifier
LBB 1935/20 Plena Power Amplifier
LBB 1930/20 Plena Power Amplifier
LBB 1925/10 Plena System Pre-Amplifier
Accessories for Public Address & Paging System
LBB 1965/00 Plena Message Manager
PLE-SDT Plena Easy Line SD Tuner BGM source
PLN‑ILR Plena Inductive Loop Receiver
LBB 1950/10 Plena Tabletop Unidirectional Condenser Microphone
LBB 1946/00 Plena Six-zone Call Station
LBB 1941/00 Plena Call Station
PLE‑2CS Plena Two-zone Call Station
PLE‑1CS Plena All‑Call Call Station
PLE‑WP3S2Z‑EU Wall Panel
Plena Public Address & Voice Alarm
LBB 1992/00 Plena Voice Alarm Router
LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller
LBB 1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call Station
LBB 1957/00 Plena Voice Alarm Keypad
LBB 1995/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Fireman's panel
PRS‑1AIP1 IP Audio Interface
PLN‑1EOL Plena End-of-Line Boards
Praesideo System
PRS-xPxxx Power Amplifiers
LBB 4404/00 CobraNet Interface
PRS-4AEX4 Audio Expander
PRS‑NCO‑B Network Controller
PRS‑16MCI Multichannel Interface
LBB 4430/00 Call Station Basic
LBB 4432/00 Call Station Keypad
PRS‑1AIP1 IP Audio Interface
PRS‑CRF Call Stacker
PRS‑CSI Call Station Interface
PRS‑CSNKP Numeric Keypad
PRS‑CSR Call Station Remote
PRS‑SW Praesideo Software
Praesideo peripheral
PLN‑24CH12 24 V and PRS‑48CH12 48 V Battery Chargers
LBB 4443/00 End of Line (EOL) Supervision Board
LBB 4441/00 Loudspeaker Supervision Board
LBB 4440/00 Supervision Control Board
Praesideo LBB 4442/00 Line Supervision Set
PSP-D00039 Master and PSP-D00040 Slave RCS
Praesideo PRS-FIN, PRS-FINNA and PRS-FINS Fiber Interfaces
Praesideo PRS-NSP Network Splitter
LBB 4416/xx Network Cables
Praesideo Accessories
LBB 4446/00 Set of Supervision Board Brackets (10 pcs)
LBB 4418/00 Cable Connector Tool Kit
LBB 4418/50 Spare Cutting System (2 pcs)
LBB 4417/00 Set Network Connectors (20 pcs)
LBB 4436/00 Set of Key Covers (10 pcs)
LBB 4419/00 Cable Couplers (10 pcs)
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