DCN-D −Wired System

This discussion system provides digital convenience in meeting setup. It brings effective management of meetings in the digital age. It is optimised for small-to-medium sized gatherings, such as those in town halls, hotels, business centers, local government offices or break out rooms in major conference venues.

Bosch Digital Congress Network (DCN) Series
DCN-DVCS −Delegate Unit with Voting and Channel Selector (optional pluggable Mic)
DCN-DCS −Delegate Unit with Channel Selector (optional pluggable Mic)
DCN-DV −Delegate Unit with Voting (optional pluggable Mic)
DCN-DS −Delegate Unit Basic with fixed Short Microphone
DCN-DL −Delegate Unit Basic with fixed Long Microphone
DCN-MICS/L −Pluggable Short/Long Microphone
DCN‑CCUB2 −Central Control Unit Basic
DCN‑CCU2 −Central Control Unit Basic (full function)
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