DCN Flush Mounted

Bosch broad range of DCN flush-mounted equipment is used for creating individual system contribution units for customised solutions. Flush-mounted equipment is ideal for use in permanent installations where portability is not required. It can be installed into either tabletops or seat arm rests.

DCN Flush Mount
DCN-MICS/L Pluggable microphone long/short stem
DCN-FHH Hand-held microphone
DCN-FEC Set of 50 End Caps
DCN-FLSP Loudspeaker Panel
DCN-FCS Channel Selector unit for 32 channels
DCN-FVU Voting Unit
DCN-FVCRD Voting and Card Panel
DCN-FV Voting Panel
DCN-TTH Set of 10 Table Top Housings
DCN-FPT Flush Positioning Tool
DCN-FPRIOB Priority Panel
DCN-FMICB Microphone Control Panel
DCN-FMIC Microphone Connection Panel
DCN-FCOUP Set of 50 couplings
DCN-DDI Dual Delegate Interface
DCN Central Control Equipment

The DCN central conference control equipment is based around the Central Control Unit (CCU). This compact unit is at the heart of any DCN system, and can control up to 240 contribution units such as delegate- and chairman units, interpreter desks and audio and multipurpose interface units. The CCU can function with or without a central operator using a PC.

DCN-EPS Extension Power Supply
DCN-CCUB Basic Central Control Unit
DCN-CCU Central Control Unit
LBB 4404/00 Cobranet Interface
DCN Cable & Accessories
LBB 4116 DCN Extension Cable
LBB 4116 DCN Extension Cable
LBB 4114/00 Trunk-Cable Splitter
LBB 4115/00 Tap-Off Unit
LBB 4117/00 Set of 25 cable locking clamps
LBB 4118/00 Termination plug for cable
LBB 4119/00 Set DCN Connectors
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