Dicentis Multimedia System

The DICENTIS Multimedia device is essential for local and regional councils and is ideal when multimedia content is required. It is easily plugged into, or removed from, the DICENTIS Conference System using the system network cabling. learn more>

Delegate, Chairman, Microphone units & CU
DCNM-MMD2 −Dicentis Multimedia Device
DCNM-PS2 −Dicentis Audio powering switch
DCNM-APS2 −Dicentis Audio Processor & Powering Switch
DCNM-HDMIC −Dicentis Multimedia High Directive Microphone
DCNM-MICL −Dicentis Multimedia Stem Microphone Long
DCNM-MICS −Dicentis Multimedia Stem Microphone Short
ACD-MFC-ISO 50/each −MIFARE Classic ID card
ACD-PROX ISO Cards 50/each
DCNM-NCH −Multimedia Name Card Holder (25pcs)
DCNM-LSID −Identification at Seat
DCNM-LSSL −Select Language at Seat
DCNM-LSVT −Voting at Seat
DCNM-MMDSP −Anti-reflec. foil (25pcs)
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