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Hayamim Ava provides AV technology that are highy suitable for conducting rich media communication presentation, meetings and trainings in corporate offices for organizational development and to enrich corporate communication.

From executive speeches to brainstorming sessions, progress discussion, board meeting, product application or service demostartion and etc., Hayamim Ava can provide customize AV solutions based on site conditions and budget to enrich and enhance these activities for higher productivity output to meet the desired organizational goals and result.



AV Products to meet presentation, meeting and training needs


Designed to meet presentation needs.
Supports ease-of-use, Multimedia contents, touch, annotate, illustrate, collabrate, share, save. 

Ideal solution for quick and impromptu live display of documents, charts, photograph, 3D objects, & etc. in meetings & discussions without having to scan.

The ultimate audio conference system for highly productive meetings. Designed to enhance speech intelligibility, aesthetic, acoustic and functional perfection.

A Versatile lectern for meetings or
conference rooms or any where when delivering speeches or lectures

Meeting room management system.
Put an end to booking hassle for meeting rooms.

Integrated control system for AV equipments with  
networking capability, enduser configurable, wireless control & password enable

Generate instant audience feedback for survey, polling, voting, exams, assessment & etc.

For all needs and budget
Portable, fixed & large installation needs.

Delivers exceptional sound quality and reliability
for public address, emergency alarm, paging & piped music. 

Acceptional audio quality, reception, light weight & durable
For guided tours, language translation, assistive learning & etc.

100 years of quality perfection 
full range for business, house of worship and home.

The pixie is the smallest and simplest component devised to control all of the multimedia appliances such as projectors, plasma / LCD TV sets or amplifier / satellite receivers and more.

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