For Education

Hayamim Ava offers educational technologies that are designed & developed to aid teachers to deliver daily lessons with creative digital contents for a visually stimulating experience to make learning fun & exciting for students.

Further these technologies can assist teachers to keep students focused in their daily lessons to assimilate better the lesson taught. 

These technologies also help to promote better collaboration and group interactivities among students in the classroom.



Educational technology - latest innovation, durable, ease-of-use with user friendly interface

Designed to meet creative delivery teaching contents with ease in classrooms 
through Multimedia contents, finger touch, annotation, illustration, collabration, sharing.

Designed to meet presentation needs.
Supports ease-of-use, Multimedia contents, touch, annotate, illustrate, collabrate, share, save. 

Ideal solution for quick and impromptu live display of documents, charts, photograph, 3D objects, & etc. for teaching, training & discussions without having to scan.

A versatile and compact portable sound system, battery operated with cordless microphone. Ideal for use in classrooms, dicussions and meetings rooms.

To generate instant student feedback for daily lessons, quiz, exams & etc. Capture data for student assessment, evaluation to aid teachers and educators.

For all needs and budget
Portable, fixed & large visual display needs.

Designed for plug & play.
For lecture or meeting rooms, portable & versatile ideal to deliver lectures, talks or for use any where to address an audience.

Delivers exceptional sound quality and reliability
for lectures, talks, announcements,  piped messages & emergency alarm.

The pixie is the smallest and simplest component devised to control all of the multimedia appliances such as projectors, plasma / LCD TV sets or amplifier / satellite receivers and more.




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