FLEX 27" 4K UHD All-In-One Desktop Monitor with Integrated 4K Camera, Mic and Speakers

Flex 27" All-in-one Desktop Monitor 
Leading the next gen of desktop collaboration.

Being able to communicate and express yourself are basic human needs. As we have become a digital society, the interaction with our personal devices and the intuitiveness has become key. Where personal devices have already been adapted to us, work tools haven’t.

Available Sizes : 27" inch diagonal

Suitable : 
On your office desktop, in the creative sector, in healthcare, a classroom or lecture theater, or in the most personal workspace called home. Increase productivity, join video calls and host collaboration sessions.

• All-in one collaboration device 
• World-class touch and writing 
• High-end personal video conferencing 
• Plug and play for your laptop 
• Able to revolutionize your workday 

• Tilt & turn 4K camera
• Echo cancelling Mic
• Active pen with palm rejection
• Cam & mic control
• Plug & play
• Windows hello
• 2.1ch speakers
• Powered USN-C




FLEX is an all in one collaboration device.




Interactive touch panel

World Class Touch and Writing Experience

Touch has become second nature. Touch devices need to understand user’s intention to unleash a natural touch and writing experience. FLEX has been developed with these needs in mind.

The FLEX pen works fluently with Windows Ink. Simply annotate over any document, using any software and save your notes.




Interactive touch panel

Tilt to Fit

Easily tilt FLEX into a comfortable angle to start writing. Palm rejection allows you to use the pen in a natural writing position.



Interactive touch panel

Control at Your Fingertips

Not all video conferencing software is equally intuitive.

You might often find yourself looking for icon to mute and unmute. FLEX ensures these functions are always within reach with cam & mic control, no matter how the software may have moved the control menu



Interactive touch panel

Flexible Camera that Recognizes You

Tilt the 4K camera to the angle that works for you. With Windows Hello support, you can unlock your laptop and reach to all your content in seconds.



Interactive touch panel

Paper-like Writing

Magnetically attached to the side of the FLEX, the active pen provides you the natural handwriting experience with high precision and low latency. With two built-in hotkeys to let you quickly switch to eraser or access right click.  

Interactive touch panel

Plug & Play in Any Way

Simply plug in your laptop* and you instantly enjoy a world-class touch, writing and video conferencing experience. Easily power your device with the powered USB-C connection.

No need for a learning curve, just use your existing desktop device. Want to remove all the clutter and cables from your desktop? Plug in a SDM for fully integrated computing power.

How FLEX is that!



Model Name FLEX
Size 27-inch
Resolution 4K
Touch Technology P-Cap
Optical Bonding Yes
Camera Resolution 4K
Microphone 8-element Array
Speaker 2.1 Channel/ 20 W
Weights (kg) 10.02
Dimensions (mm) 618 x 495 x 180

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