Bosch - Conference Microphone System


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The Highly Reliable Choice.
Bosch is world renowned for the reliability of its conference system, regardless of the application size. With its superior materials and component choices together with extensive quality assurance processes, ensures that users enjoy free-flowing, highly-productive meetings.


Example of Applications for Bosch conference system.

Installation at a large meeting room, Bosch CCS 1000 D 
Installation at a collaborative  meeting space table top, Bosch CCS 1000 
Installation on glass table top, Bosch CCS 900


Our Product Range

CCS 1000 D System - Digital WEB base
CCS 900 - Ultro System
DCN-D −Wired System
DCN Flush Mount System
Dicentis Wired System
Dicentis Wireless System
Dicentis Multimedia System
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