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For Enterprise

Audio-visual systems from Hayamim Ava are highly suitable from small to large corporate offices to conduct media communication, meetings, presentations & training for organizational development.It can aid to enrich corporate communication from executive speeches to brainstorming sessions, progress discussions, board meetings, product presentation or service demonstration and etc.

Our Audio-visual system with the latest cutting edge technology can take your business to the next level by making meetings, presentations & trainings session more effective, productive and successful. It can also improve group dynamics. Our Audio-visual system can be used widely in the corporate infrastructure.


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Interactive Flat Panel

For Education

Hayamim Ava provide latest & innovative educational technology to meet today’s demands to enlarge learning experience and to enrich teaching contents in classrooms. As schools in Malaysia now begin to transit towards purposeful e-learning environments, our educational technology offers new opportunities and resources to increase student participation in classroom interactivity.

Hayamim Ava's educational technology covers latest interactive system, student response system, large visual display, student learning assessment system, integrated AV control system, fix and portable audio system & etc.


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Interactive Flat Panel

For Government

Hayamim Ava offers Audio-visual (AV) systems that serve the diverse needs  of government agencies to enhance communication. Well-designed AV systems make it possible to present high quality audio,  visual images or video wherever it is needed to enable effective information sharing, whether you need to educate, make decisions, collaborate, monitor, notify, inspire, or entertain.


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Interactive Flat Panel
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