For Government

Audio-Visual (AV) systems offered by Hayamim Ava are purpose-built to integrate into solutions that can also work seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure. It provides flexibility to select the optimal solution for each applications.

Hayamim Ava's AV system can create ideal solutions for an increasingly wide range of applications and environments at government agencies such as.

      • Meeting and Convention Venues
      • Training Rooms
      • Collboration Pods/ Huddle Spaces
      • Executive Briefing Rooms
      • Classrooms
      • Lecture Halls
      • Operation room
      • Hospitals / Medical Training Facilities
      • Courtrooms


AV systems for presentation, training & teaching needs.

A tool for better and more productive meetings. Our interactive displays for business are built to enable sharing and communication with a minimal learning curve.

Making tiny things larger than life. Create a curriculum around our range of document cameras with incredible image quality, high zoom, and much more.

The ultimate conference microphone system for highly productive meetings. Designed to enhance speech intelligibility, aesthetic, acoustic and functional perfection.

Designed for plug & play 
For multi purpose use, portable & versatile for use in any meeting or conference rooms or any where to address an audience.

Meeting room management system Put an end to booking hassle for meeting room.

Integrated control system for AV equipments 
networking capability, enduser configurable, wireless control & password enable.

For e-voting, polling or to generate instant audience feedback for survey & etc. 

For all needs and budget
Portable, fixed & large installation needs.

Delivers exceptional sound quality and reliability
for public address, emergency alarm, paging & piped music. 

The pixie is the smallest and simplest component devised to control all of the multimedia appliances such as projectors, plasma / LCD TV sets or amplifier / satellite receivers and more.




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